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Top 5 best sex toy shops in Paris

Why Do People Use Sex Toys

Top 5 best sex toy shops in Paris – Simple to use, diversified and handy products, the sex toy represents a real asset in terms of sexual pleasure and has been the source of great pleasure since the turn of the century just like our Paris Escorts. Today, almost one in five women admits to having used a sex toy at least once during their lifetime, which shows that the popularity of sex toys has been on the rise since the early 2000s. While it was still a fairly rare experience in the early 2000s, the use of sex toys became really common in barely ten years, and there has been a sharp increase in the usage of toys ever since they were brought in the mainstream porn and people got to know the various advantages of using it. In recent times, a big myth around the use of sex toys was busted as sex toys were declared not to be limited only to a masturbatory and solitary activity. According to recent studies conducted by many adult magazines and websites reveals that sex toys are used a lot by couples as compared to being used by a solo person. The biggest reason for this increase has been the various sex fantasies of open-minded couples who like to experiment with their sex lives to keep it as interesting as they can. Sex toys are not only used for pleasure but they are also used for the sexual well-being of the individual, their benefits being praised in particular by lesbians and women who are still virgins. The sex toys allow them to control the comfort of their sexual pleasure according to their own need as it allows them to fulfill their needs without depending on someone else or without any fear of any sexually transmitted disease.

The French people and Sex Toys

For many French people, the use of these kinds of accessories is far from being an experience of youth, distant or episodic. On the contrary, one in four French people used it at least once during the year 2019, i.e. around 10 million individuals. However, their daily use remains occasional: barely 13% of women and 11% of men have used it in a month (including 4% of women and 5% of men who use it every week). French women also love using these toys as they are open to accessories that may spice up their married life. Moreover, not only married women, but there is also a huge demand for sex toys among many single men and women who use this as a sexual gratification to escape from the harsh reality of life. Furthermore, the use of sex toys has increased during the coronavirus pandemic as people are not able to meet their loved ones due to the lockdown and have resorted to sex toys to keep them occupied and gratified during these difficult times. Regarding the type of objects, they use the most, a high population of women seems to have a clear fondness for vibrators, stimulators or vibrating ducks (41% have already used them) or even other vibrating sex toys such as cock rings, vibrant Geisha balls or vibrant eggs (8%). On the other hand, there is a little population of European and American women who have ever used non-vibrating sex toys – such as realistic or fancy dildos or classic Geisha balls as they have reported that these toys do not provide as much gratification as the vibrating ones. To guide you in selecting the best toys in Paris, we bring you the best sex toy shops in Paris where you can shop for the ultimate pleasure.

Top 5 best sex toy shops in Paris

The Passage of Desire

First off the Top 5 best sex toy shops in Paris is Located in the middle of Les Halles, this colorfully decorated shop is ideal for first gentle contact with the world of sexual objects. You will find playful accessories and sex toys at affordable prices, carefully arranged in the “soft”, “gadgets for your lonely nights”, “cuddly night” and “oh yes whip me baby” departments, to enhance your nights of loneliness or shared. More qualified as a love-shop than a sex-shop, this very soft shop is perfect for giving a gift or getting started but it will not satisfy lovers of fetish or BDSM, you have been warned.


In this sex shop in the Marais, you will not find disgusting dildos with protruding veins that would cut the envy of the biggest nymphos, but playful shapes, cheerful colors. The shop has a large selection of sexy lingerie, designed by famous designers, and various accessories for women and men. You can also benefit from the Dolls’ professional advice to find the object that will match your desires and fantasies. On two floors, the boutique allows the shyest to isolate themselves from the eyes.

The Condom King

Our latex friends, who valiantly protect us from STDs and unwanted pregnancies, can be found in the first pharmacy or supermarket, certainly. But when it comes to atypical condoms, to give a little salt to your sex life, the choice is much more limited. The Condom King understood this by taking the market by storm and creating the first specialist boutique in the capital to offer a wide range of condoms of all kinds. Blueberry or cannabis flavor, vibrant, candy pink, there is something for everyone!

Metamorph’Ose – Phylea

Described as “ready to dare” and “fetish”, this boutique close to the Georges Pompidou center is well known to fetishists and BDSM sex toys, original outfits, fetish accessories, shoes with dizzying heels of all sizes; you will find material to spice up your night outings. The place is the ideal location to go to dress up for an erotic night.

The Pigalle Sexodrome

Reputed to be the largest love store in the world, you will find absolutely everything at Pigalle Sexodrome: sex toys, lubricants, sexy lingerie, and aphrodisiac vibrators. Whether it is to enhance your naughty massages, your BDSM games, your moments of pleasure alone, the hypermarket of sexual objects has fun to spare. It even has an erotic bookstore section for the most aesthetic sex lovers!

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